Joyce Wellman 


Joyce Wellman, an accomplished mid-career artist who engages in persistent experimentation with ideas, media, composition and materials. The body of her abstract art references the subconscious mind and explores the language of dreams. Blending the genres of painting, drawing, printmaking she has pushed her ideas and concepts to generate new pathways of exploration. Her work invites the viewer into an enigmatic conversation with the unconscious.

Artist Statement

Art is an emotional storehouse. The language of abstraction is universal. Abstraction purpose is to function as a tool to unleash , expose, and to reveal languages of and by the inner self. Creating a poetic, meaningful moving imagery is the intent of my art making. Using the synergy inherent in abstraction, I populate my work with seemingly random numbers, marks, words, and symbols, letters, varying degrees of subdued vs.vibrant, or cool vs. hot colors. Works include interdisciplinary excursions off the canvas and into the world of visual imagery merges with media to engage the viewer with an expanded dialogue with the work using with “the spoken word”, music and video I want diverse audiences to explore, conjecture, wonder, recall memories, and experience ways that visual imagery can connect us to of our inner and universal selves. My art is about is discovering the magic of a meaningful and poetic visual art.

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