Kathryn Wiley


I am a sculptor of works from found objects, a collage artist, and a painter of abstract compositions. I first learned painting and drawing when living in Paris some years ago, and have continued to study and create sculpture, collage and painting in New York City, the Washington DC area, and in numerous workshops in the US and abroad.

Artist Statement

My work includes sculpture, acrylic paintings, and collages; they often progress from the simple to the complex.

The sculptures usually consist of rusted machine parts, old metal or wooden tools, and weathered wood. Unusable when found, the objects discover new life in startling, elegant or whimsical combinations. The abstract paintings create an ambiguous sense of depth, the illusion of a floating world where the center holds, and then doesn’t. The collages open unexpected space in the picture plane.

When balance an harmony are established among these elements, in all three media, the result evokes a sense of order within the abstraction.

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