Vu Q. Nguyen


Vu Quoc Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American artist currently working in Central Pennsylvania. He holds a BFA in painting, as well as Doctor of Medicine from Pennsylvania College of Art and Ross University School of Medicine respectively. His works progressed and evolved over the years in a multitude of disciplines including painting, drawing, photography, and installations. Beneath a constant craving for experimentation, an awareness of the environment and culture has always been the basis of his work. At first glance, the chaotic nature of his compositions compels viewers towards closer inspection. As layers of interrupted lines and clusters of marks materialize, patterns and contours of landscapes reinvent themselves. These abstracted landscapes are inspired by his travels in Southeast Asia. They examine the impact of climate change on the region’s culture and socioeconomics. As an observer, Nguyen’s work interprets the effects of humans on the environment. He believes that awareness of environmental issues such as climate change can be a first step towards making changes that will sustain future generations. Nguyen’s works can be seen in public and private collections throughout the US and abroad.

Artist Statement

My current work consists of abstracted landscapes that link the actions of human nature (consumption, waste, encroachment) to the natural world. As a Vietnamese American artist, I emphasize cultural identity as a connection to my past. This connection allows me to personally address socioeconomics, the environment, and identity. I am inspired by the human psychological connection to the environment. By observing changes in this relationship, groups of patterns become more evident. These elements fuse together to demonstrate progress as well as deterioration. Continual interest in change prompts the shifts in the direction of my work.

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