Amy Barker-Wilson


Amy Barker-Wilson trained in Europe as a textile designer, designed works both for industry and one-of-a-kind woven and painted pieces, which hang in public and private buildings in Europe and US. She has taught art and traditional textile crafts at all age levels as well as having trained and worked as an art therapist in schools and hospitals. Years ago she turned to painting as a primary medium and has studied with renown painters. Recently she began focusing on non-objective work on canvas, paper and silk.

Artist Statement

I enjoy painting as a reflection of an unfolding process of discovery, a metaphor for a deeper perception and awareness, participating in paint in an unfolding process which reveals a feeling condition below my own awareness that answers the question posed …but not in words. Letting go ideas of ideas or goals, I “dive freewill “ of a visual field the canvas holds, and feels my way step by step, through the seeming chaos and change and beyond, … slowly the formlessness and chaos gives way to coherence, to interconnectness and to a complex play of color, plane and line, recorded upon an unified visual field.

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