Past Exhibits

Mérida -  11 x 14  -  photography

Mérida - 11 x 14 - photography

Gordana Geršković: Mérida

September 4 - 29, 2019

Gordana Geršković's latest work takes us to Mérida in the Yucatán Peninsula, where she lived for a year and studied new forms of art under the mentorship of master painter and sculptor Abel Vázquez. Geršković captures intimate textures, surfaces and urban abstractions using a macro lens to zoom into the details. Here she contemplates the vibrant colors and worn, weathered textures of the ancient city, with its rich Mayan and colonial heritage. She also for the first time exhibits paintings as well as photographs. The Croatian-born Geršković currently lives in the Washington DC area.

Courtney Applequist -  The Room  - 36 x 36 - oil on canvas

Courtney Applequist - The Room - 36 x 36 - oil on canvas

Artists' Choice: Regional Juried Group Show

July 31 - September 1, 2019

Two girls sit on a dark windowsill in The Room. They are looking across the street into the window of another apartment in which a figure is - undressing? One of the girls is half-hidden by a curtain, the other has on headphones. This alternation of presence and absence, inner and outer, runs through the Foundry's juried August group show.

Elizabeth Casquiero's household landscape in A Pause in the Day bears an odd formal resemblance to Jim Earl's rigorous poetic treatment of near and far in Within the Green Cathedral. Still in the world of landscape, we feel the vibration of closeness and depth in Marlowe Emerson's Chateau Grounds #2 and Lori Katz' Fences. The show then takes us in and out of sometimes-disorienting representational space in works by Sally Canzoneri, Jana Curcio, Delna Dastur, Camilla David, Martin deAlteriis, Kim DiDonato-Murrell, Octavia Frazier, Eleanor Glattly, Tom Greaves, Rebecca Hirsh, Courtney Kolker, Deborah Kommalan and Stephen Schiff.

Untitled 10  - 36 x 36 - graphite on paper on panel

Untitled 10 - 36 x 36 - graphite on paper on panel

Regional Juried Solo Show: Joseph Shetler: The Habitual Line

July 3- July 28, 2019

Joseph Shetler approaches post-minimalism as a practice of simplicity, in art and in life. Shetler was born in Goshen, Indiana, raised in a Mennonite family. His work in this juried guest show reflects a sense of consistency and order. In earlier work he relied on the grid as a compositional principle. Now he allows it to lead into simple patterns and progressions, creating a logical drawing that can be read. The two series in this show consist of the most traditional forms of mark-making: silverpoint and graphite. They are varied and textured to disrupt what he calls the habitual line.

"Mennonite families typically live humbly," Shetler says. "Homes are not embellished with art, excess or worldly items, but are rather of modest design. One of the ways to live simply is to not place too much emphasis on the pursuit of worldly success, popular culture, and social media. I create work that reflects these values; it’s a rejection of the things that I believe complicate our lives."

Meadow - 16 x 20 - watercolor

Meadow - 16 x 20 - watercolor

Katherine Blakeslee: Reflections

June 5 - 30, 2019

Katherine Blakeslee’s new exhibition invites us to be still and contemplate. It is a reflection of the artist’s thoughts on the turbulence and change in our world today and what they may mean for the planet and future generations. Art can provide a welcome respite from the conflict and uncertainties - upheavals in technology, politics, climate and demographics - surrounding us. Her new paintings place the close-up against a deep vista.

Blakeslee has been attracted to watercolor for its translucence and evanescence. They "render it a wonderful medium through which to capture the mysterious ways light and perspective change everything," she says. "There is a shared creativity between the artist and the spontaneity of the paint, mediated by water." Recently she has been experimenting with the vibrancy of alcohol inks.

Garden Illusion  - 19 x 14 - collage

Garden Illusion - 19 x 14 - collage

Kathryn Wiley: New Work: Collages and Paintings

May 1 - June 2, 2019

Painter Kathryn Wiley has found a new sense of depth in her latest collages.  Red balloons rise in our direction before a retreating landscape.  Houses ascend in Wizard-of-Oz fashion above a swirl of erotic recesses.  Forests, water and rocks are somehow a disaster.  The paintings too suggest that something is wrong: despite its classical balance, Arrangement in Pink is sub-titled (I'll See You in Hell), and there is a brutalism that borders on despair in Regime Change.

Meridian No. 1  - 84 x 64 - oil, acrylic and pigment sticks on canvas (detail)

Meridian No. 1 - 84 x 64 - oil, acrylic and pigment sticks on canvas (detail)

Vu Quoc Nguyen: Meridian

April 3 - 28, 2019

Vu Nguyen's work is abstract, but it hasn’t always been that way.  "Over the past several years, representational elements in my work have gradually vanished," he says.  "My focus has shifted more towards the experiential aspects of art making.  I want to make thoughtful works that represent my cultural background and my relationship with the natural world.  The repetitive motion of making small marks within a confined space has a sort of meditative quality.  It describes a state of movement and continuous change."

     This show includes two seven-foot-tall paintings, Meridian 1 and 2, that represent this flow and change and discomposition.  These are set off, or perhaps elaborated, by four series of drawings devoted to earth, the motion of water, and the complexity of surface.  "These patterns reflect my observations of the elements that make up physical and non-physical spaces," says Nguyen.  "There is a sense of randomness dispersed among an organized matrix that relates to topographic maps in their description and quantification of boundaries, elevations, and depressions.  I use drawing and painting interchangeably to achieve a certain level of spontaneity.  Inevitably my early influences came from traditional Asian art, particularly landscape painting and its poetic connection to nature." 

Dissolving - 40 x 30 - acrylic on canvas

Dissolving - 40 x 30 - acrylic on canvas

Hester Ohbi: Through Blues

February 27 - March 31, 2019

“I am an intuitive abstract artist painting less what is visible and more what is felt,” says Hester Ohbi.  “I love color, and for this show was especially drawn to ultramarine, so bright and so profound – originally made from lapis lazuli.  It has been said that blue signifies peace, calm and spirituality.  In paintings and sculpture the Mother of God has almost always been depicted as wearing a blue gown and blue is the color of Heaven.

“A dominant theme in my work is change, the birth and death of all things. Some paintings contain fragments that have the fleeting nature of mental events.  Some contain a horizon that as I paint feels like a shift into another state of consciousness.  And these changes of color and awareness are filtered through blues.”

Joyce Wellman - Blues indigo - 50 x 40 - acrylic on wood

Joyce Wellman - Blues indigo - 50 x 40 - acrylic on wood

New Members Show: Five Artists / Five Visions

Kathryn Mohrman, Barbara Pliskin, Pete Seligman, Joyce Wellman and Cristy West

January 30 - February 24, 2019

Five wonderfully talented artists joined the gallery this year.

Photographer Kathryn Mohrman says her images of women in different parts of the world "portray my 'sisters' in our shared humanity.”  Barbara Pliskin aims at creating "an emotional outburst in the viewer that is close to my feelings about the painting.”   Many of Pete Seligman’s constructions are made from found materials: wood, metal, collage and oil paint, "but often begin with art accidents,” he says.  Joyce Wellman populates her mysterious work with "seemingly random numbers, marks, words and symbols, in varying degrees subdued vs. vibrant, or cool vs. hot, in search of a magic poetic art."  And Cristy West's exuberant abstracts are “expressions of feelings, mysteries and things unseen -- they emerge from many layers of work.”

Jay Peterzell -  Hay Stacks Fells  - 48 x 36 - acrylic on canvas

Jay Peterzell - Hay Stacks Fells - 48 x 36 - acrylic on canvas

Light in Winter

January 2 - 27, 2019

The Foundry begins the year with an all-gallery show celebrating the attenuated light,  introspection and odd cheer of winter.

The Girl in the Woman - 40 x 30 - acrylic on canvas

Patsy Fleming: The Eleventh Woman

December 5 - 30, 2018

“I often create the figure from a model, then lead it away from reality,” says Patsy Fleming.  “In the model I may see a reflection of love or grief or desire, and I impose my own history on the figure.  Some of the women in these paintings took shape from ideas about my ancestors.  Others sprang directly from my subconscious. Robert Rauchenberg said he accepts the 'irresistible possibilities' of what he can’t ignore in his work and that’s what I do.

     “And who is the eleventh woman?  She’s the ideal, the unrealizable, both other and self, who lives only in our imagination.”

Black and White Screenshot 1 – 50 x 47- acrylic on mulberry paper on canvas

Lavely Miller-Kershman: “Untitled”

October 31 - December 2, 2018

Lavely Miller-Kershman paints but does not say. She says that after a trauma some years ago, she does not say. I have always painted that which I cannot say, she says. She paints people who appear injured and capable of injuring. This is what trauma looks like, she says. For the past several years I have struggled with, she doesn’t say. In the last three years I have worked through a lot of, she says, painting has refined my technical skills. Sometimes she starts with a screen shot from TV and paints someone on paper and glues the paper to canvas. I haven’t ever seen the show I just like the face, she says. There is still so much to but she doesn’t say.

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May 2018 – Fran Abrams: For the Love of Lines – Polymer and Poetry
April 2018 – Katherine Blakeslee: Renewal
March 2018 – Memory
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January 2017 – Celebrate! 45 Years of Art + 1 Year in North Shaw
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September 2016 – Katherine Blakeslee: Land and Sea
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May 2016 – Kathryn Wiley
April 2016 – Guest Artist Lindsay Mullen
March 2016 – Fran Abrams: Folded and Framed
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December 2015 – Some Women by Jay Peterzell
November 2015 – Gordana Gerskovic: Metamorphosis – From Decay to Display
July 2015 – Bare the Walls
June 2015 – New Paintings by Patsy Fleming
May 2015 – Waterwork by Alex Tolstoy
April 2015 – The Painted Word
March 2015 – Anticipation by Katherine Blakeslee
February 2015 – Six New Members…Six Directions
January 2015 – New Work by Foundry Members
December 2014 – Come in from the Cold
November 2014 – What Was I Thinking? by Donna K. McGee
October 2014 – Dramatic Color Feeling by Maruka Carvajal
September 2014 – Colors of Kurdistan by Ramzi Ghotbaldin and Sardar Kestay
August 2014 – Hot Glass in the City by the Capital Art Glass Guild
July 2014 – Fireworks by the Foundry Member Artists
June 2014 – First Second by Naomi Taitz-Duffy
May 2014 – Down & Derby by Meg MacKenzie
April 2014 – Double Takes by Judy Gilbert Levy
March 2014 – Shifting Gears by Ana Elisa Benavent
February 2014 – Take 2 by Gordana Gerskovic and Alex Tolstoy
January 2014 – Staples and Gravy by Edward Bear Miller
December 2013 – Three Women by Jay Peterzell
November 2013 – Involution by Kathryn Wiley
October 2013 – Becoming by Linda Button
September 2013 – Edges, Lost and Found by Katherine Blakeslee
August 2013 – Hot, Hot, Hot
July 2013 – Intimate Colors by Maruka Carvajal
June 2013 – Scotland: Boundless, Beautiful and Home by Lesley Clarke
May 2013 – The Colors I’m Feeling by Ana Elisa Benavent
April 2013 – OUTLOUD
March 2013 – Bits and Pieces by Sarah Alexander
February 2013 – New Member Exhibit
January 2013 – Earth Flowing Plane by Ed Bear Miller
December 2012 – A Cool Palette by Foundry Members
November 2012 – Room for Blue, Paintings by Donna K McGee
October 2012 – New Glass With Drawings by Nancy Donnelly
September 2012 – The Color of Waterlilies by Judy Gilbert Levey
August 2012 – A Small Hope, Lukman Ahmad (Guest)
July 2012 – Call & Response, The Abstract Collective (Guest)
June 2012 – Touch Points II by Katherine Blakeslee
May 2012 – Occasional Acts of Art, Peter Loge
April 2012 – Befriending the Triangle, Julia Latein-Kimmig
March 2012 – Black, White and in Between, Fran Abrams
February 2012 – The Feb Four: Linda Button, Lesley Clarke, Peter Loge and Edward Bear Miller
January 2012 – A Natural Progression, Oil Paintings by Ed Bear Miller
December 2011 – Lens. Paper? Canvas! Photography by Sarah Alexander
November 2011 – Journeys, Mixed Media by Amy Barker-Wilson
October 2011 – World on a Wire, Mixed Media by Tanja Meski
September 2011 — Mix No Match, Mixed Media by Julia Latein-Kimmig
August 2011 — Changes, Paintings by Ron Riley
July 2011 — Celebrate the Child in You, Acrylic Paintings by Donna K McGee