Barbara Pliskin 


Barbara Pliskin lived in Florida her entire life before moving to Silver Spring, Maryland in 2006. She was the Medical Illustrator for the U. of Miami, School of Medicine for 6 years and following that she spent the next 30 years as an art teacher with Dade County Public Schools.

She has been involved in many forms of art with a concentration in painting and later in metals. Her work was shown and sold in South Florida. She is now metalsmithing and painting in Maryland. Barbara has often incorporated her knowledge of human anatomy in both her paintings and metalwork creating organic works. She attempts to let the medium she’s working with lead her in an effort to create a piece.

She has a BFA in Fine Art and an MS in Education. Her work was shown at Florida International University and Bay Harbor Galleries. Ms. Pliskin exhibited at the Waverly Street Gallery in Bethesda where she was a member for six years and in March, 2018 had a group show at Gallery B in Bethesda, Maryland. Several paintings were on exhibit in the Gloucester Arts on Main Gallery in Gloucester, VA for the month of May, 2018.

She is presently a member of The Foundry Gallery in Washington, DC.

Artist Statement

My work is created with oil paint using color to provoke the viewers imaginations. I begin each painting without any preconceived notions and by working the canvas with low key colors. Certain shapes begin to evolve and so the adventure begins by adding color on color, shape on shape. Each painting is a bit of a surprise to me.

It is my intention that the viewer reads my paintings with emotion that the colors have invoked in them. Whether the paintings seem figurative or representational is of no consequence. It is the emotional outburst the viewer experiences that are close to my feelings about the painting. The color creates a relationship between the painting, the painter and viewer in a kind of conversation.

I work from my memory of events that have had an impact on my life and are unforgettable and have remained with me for throughout my life. Without titles it is a challenge to the viewer to develop his or her own perception of the work creating a bond between them. Each work is personal both to me and the viewer, each in its own way.

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