Gordana Geršković


Gordana Geršković was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia, but in 1997 life surprised her and brought her to the United States where she has lived and worked since. Gordana studied to be a graphic artist but quickly discovered that her true passion lays in photography and mixed media art. She specializes in capturing textures, surfaces and urban abstractions using a macro lens to zoom into the details.

 In her latest work, Geršković contemplates surfaces intimately and focuses on worn textures and the weathered and vibrant colors of the beautiful city of Merida, Mexico where she lived from June 2017 to August  2018  and studied new forms of art under the mentorship of the master, painter and sculptor, Abel Vazquez

Geršković has been a member of Foundry Gallery for 5 years. In addition to solo and group exhibitions at Foundry Gallery, her work has been exhibited at many galleries in the Washington, DC and her paintings are in private collection in the U.S, in Croatia, Austria, India, Bosnia, Malta and Mexico.

Artist Statement

Snorkeling with my camera through the city, looking for undiscovered beauty. I just swim, observe and find treasures. Images appear behind every corner pose only for me. I do not question, I trust them and they become my beautiful art captured forever. I am in the flow.

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