Gregory O’Hanlon


Gregory O’Hanlon, a Baltimore native, began a career fitness training while also working as a commercial and fitness model for eight years. In 2008, he relocated to the Washington, DC area and shortly after began his artistic journey which led to a new full-time career.

As a self-taught photographer, Greg transitioned from digital to large format film. He captures images with any number of cameras, but prefers to photograph using a 4×5, 5×7 or 8×10 film camera. Routinely, he incorporates a dedicated 617 film camera to create panoramas, one of his favorite formats. Gregory’s works range from unique perspectives of our nation’s capital to abstract art images.

Artist Statement

Photography allows me both the ability to preserve fleeting moments in time and a means of self-expression. It enables me to communicate my interpretation of the world not always as it is, but as I would like to see it.

I am drawn to shapes, patterns, and textures found in the natural and man-made worlds. It is the co-existence and interaction between these environments, enhanced through the interplay of light and the changing seasons, that inspire my appreciation.

The conception of each image takes place long before the shutter closes. Every aspect is purposeful: the selection between film or digital method of capture, the choice of visual elements to comprise the scene, and the perseverance required while I anticipate the absolute moment to record it. At this point, the technical aspects of photography are complete. Now the artist within must come to the forefront. A transformation occurs through a combination of specialized skill and creative vision. Subtle yet precise digital manipulations of the image shape the scene to reveal its essence.

The print is the ultimate reward of the photographic process where the image becomes tangible, something to be felt and with which to connect.

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